In 2017 the Council of Europe ended its coordination of the No Hate Speech Movement youth Campaign after 5 years of campaigning, but the No Hate Speech Movement lives on. In order to make The Future Now the Study Session and its preparations is allowing all stakeholders of the No Hate Speech Movement to discuss and decide on the future of the movement. The study session will both celebrate the legacy of the No Hate Speech Movement and explore future actions for combating hate speech through human rights.

To include actors and stakeholders of the movement, consultations has been conducted and distributed widely. The consultation allowed all stakeholders to express their attitudes and ideas towards the future of the No Hate Speech Movement. The consultation used a participatory approach and was distributed to all stakeholders of the movement. The first round of the consultation has been already finished and analyzed and has been followed by the second round in the second half of September.

The analysis of the consultation shows a vast majority in favor of continuing the movement and the need of creating an entity to better coordinate the fight for human rights online and offline. The entity will be established as a continuation of the No Hate Speech Movement and the legacy from over 5 years of campaigning against hate speech and for human rights online and offline.

Therefore the preparatory team hereby launch a call for board member nominations for the new entity. The call for board members is open for everyone who was involved in the campaign No Hate Speech Movement and in any of its processes. The board will be composed of 5 to 9 members (the final number of the board members will be decided on the study session after analyzing the consultation) and will be initiating activities in order for the entity to reach its aims, respecting the direction / strategy set out by the membership.

The deadline for applications are 11th of October.

Applications will be sent to delegates at the Study Session and elections will take place on Wednesday the 23rd of October, daytime. Candidates will have the opportunity to present their candidacy through video call or pre-prepared recording. Candidates will be sent the preparation material for the Study Session and can follow the live streamed parts of the meeting.

Profile of the potential board member:
Able to work in an intercultural and international environment with online communication as primary form of contact;
Good communication and cooperation skills;
Good networking skills;
Experience with organisational administrational tasks;
Experience with activity planning and implementation;
Experience with strategic planning and programme development;
Knowledge of the legacy of the No Hate Speech Movement;